Travel Tales

While Philippines welcomes visitors from 157 countries to discover and explores its culture, beaches, mountains and all other natural resources without the hassle of applying for an entry visa, Filipinos, are only allowed to travel visa-free in 58 countries.

But traveling to all other countries with visa requirements should not discourage Filipinos. Forget about the pre-conceived thoughts that it’s very hard to apply because of a long list of requirements or the stinginess of consuls to release a visa because of the built up images of those who have misused the entry permits.

As long as you have the urge to explore and go, you’ll end up equipping yourself with the documents needed. And for such, financial capacities is reasonable enough to be questioned, anyway. By this, you would want to be challenged and inspired to better your work to get that travel reward for yourself. Believe me, it’s a big fulfillment when you are able to establish yourself with a good job, enjoy life within your means, spare and save for travels and make it really happen.