Nurture a lot of time inside your own head. As you float around cities and countries, your senses also wander — thinking, reflecting, evaluating, observing, and drawing similitudes about whatever happens to be riveting at that moment. It’s not that we don’t spend time thinking when we’re with folks; it’s that our insights are guided… Continue reading Nurture.



Today’s mood: Bummed. When long holidays is declared in a short notice and not in accordance to my plans. Honestly not the type to be staying here for long when there’s a chance, especially for this rare long(est) holiday ever. I’d prefer to escape from the crushing heat alongside its superficialities, projections and give a… Continue reading Bummed.


On Dating

A bit of my personal perspectives. Coming up at a standard outlook on dating has proved to be intellectually elusive since it has varying meanings to different people. Two genders on a totally divergent rationalization for partaking on the search game. Experimental possibilities. Placed in an inhibited demographics, where seems everything and everyone’s transient and… Continue reading On Dating