Tales of Taipei

Fresh from my memory. 

Once there was a 7-year old who would always anticipate the mailman (Tiyo Cadio) drop off an AirMail of letters and musical cards or parcel of audio tapes and pictures, a messenger to bring us that small piece of colored-violet-encased telegram or tune in to radio for an overseas greeting of a father especially during Christmas time. A monthly scheduled trip to the city to make a long distance call via pay phone was something to always look forward.

Some things I would love to do along with the mother & little siblings then ~ write letters on a notepad, draw a house, a farm, a family portrait and anything a child can, cut out paper dolls and caption aback a photo from a school event or celebrations; record our stories and sing songs unto a voice tape.

These and all were received from and sent to Taipei, Taiwan to Ngo Kok Sun ~ my father. Yes, that was my father’s Chinese name he used while working overseas to provide for us, to support my aunt to finish from university and my mom to be sent back to college and finish her studies.

Amazing how parental sacrifices were made during those times with a really far different modes of communication nowadays.

Each letter, each voice and each thought of #LOVE are priceless.


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