The Joy in Jordan

A wonder, that is Petra.I would always imagine these towers during the Legion of Mary and Biblical story sessions which my grandmother (Lola Eden) would normally tag me when I was a child. 

And have encountered this from one of the historical names on World History books (and spent a lot of my allowances buying Stabilo highlighters to stick into my mind 😁). Now, I’ve seen it by my own eyes.

With limited time planning and taking the trip, it was the best decision to take Jordan Private Tours and Travel. We were professionally handled from the pick up schedule to the different itineraries.

We had a fantastic guide — Mustafa, who was very efficient and spoke excellent English, drove impeccably (very essential), captured candidly great photos and perfectly shared the correct amount of info, conversation and peace we aimed on our trip.

What a better way to have conquered Jordan, blended up to a good-natured group, hike up the almost 900 stoned-stairs to the Monastery of Petra, have the authentic experience in the Bedouin camp, climb up the igneous rock-formed mountains, sled in the fine-powdered dunes in the Wadi Rum, and float in the Dead Sea with the sincere dedication of Mustafa to make the wander of this wonder, truly worthwhile.


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