Blog · On Relationships

On Being Single.


Not lucky in love, yet. Years ago, I have envisioned a simple and happy life, with a doting partner. But things are not meant to happen that way. I was inconsolable.
I have waited. Focused myself on relatives and friends; studies, work and tried establishing myself. Still, am waiting.

But being single doesn’t have to be lonely or filled with late nights in bars. It may not be easy; in fact, it is a real test of righteousness and a get-go to be strong enough from carrying around luggages by myself to braving a day with no one to talk to and no one to listen on my day’s rants.

Nevertheless, I choose to experience healing, find peace, and receive joy that comes from within with His blessings. I choose to be content, and more so, celebrate the goodness of its purpose.

I am not afraid to give myself everything I’ve ever wanted in life – Happiness. And I’m continuously choosing to have it.

I am not guaranteed to still have love but when it willingly comes, my heart will be ready, full and able to give him a whole heart ~ no hang ups, not shattered and consumed from many purposeless, useless attempts at love.


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