On The Fuss

The Sweetest Bunch

Valentine’s Day gave me a blissful mood from the morning I went to my regular work, until I prepared my additional teaching aids and reviewed their Learning Resources and Homeworks from their school’s domain for my Tuesday tutorial.

Arriving half an hour earlier than our scheduled regular time, the kids were eagerly wanting to start right away. We started with researching and reading about ‘Why Snakes Shed Their Skin’, answered questions from the Workbook, then to Writing and Spelling, then solving problems in Mathematics.

Occupied by multi-teaching 3 different ages, I wasn’t even noticing anymore that the day was almost ending. I planned to hit the gym for a Pilates class but the kids were gamely asking for more Practice Tests and asked me to seat with them for dinner.

Before I knew it, the two girls were handing me a bouquet of red roses and a pack of chocolates. Oh, how lovely they could be! 😍

These are by far, the sweetest bunch I’ve ever received. 😊 Kids can make real surprises!

Along with these roses are a sincere wish that next year will be a sweetest of the sweetest Valentine with a special someone. Imagine coming this statement from kids! Haha
Sweet gestures like these, make any tiredness relieved. It sure energizes me more to keep on going, affirming that I must be doing good to be receiving and feeling this good.

Teaching is one thing I really love to do, and no money can ever really pay for the caring it means to give believing that each child has a beautiful mind to be lead in the right way and develop its multiple intelligence.

It’s indeed a sweet, and meaningful Valentine’s day.


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