On The Fuss

Back in the Knack

Okay. Just over the weekend, I was starting to passively grumble on the usual and tiring routine of my daily grind. I wanted to do something more passionate and more sensible —again.

I did the usual. Errands, friends, work backlogs, gym, and of course, church. On a fair opposition to the groan, I spent it cheerfully.

Sunday, after work, I head out to the gym and finished the Cycling and Zumba class. On the lift back to my flat, there’s one lady who randomly asked me if I could teach. Quickly reminded that I was once a teacher back to my home country, I instantly said “Yes”. And eventually introduced myself as a Licensed Teacher, but not actively practicing. In a world where growing obligations are, as much as you want to do a lot more of what you can, time would just not allow.

Without any hesitations from her, she got my contact and asked me to schedule her children on my available time. To which, I am very willing to do so. How I long to do so! 😃

We agreed for a Saturday schedule that night. But today afternoon while I was at work, she reached me through WhatsApp and asked if I could come tonight. In other words, Saturday was made earlier and we agreed to tutor the kids during Tuesdays and Saturdays, mainly focusing to her 8-year old’s reading, writing and to the general subjects.

Upon entering their home, the kids enthusiastically clinged at me, bringing their books one by one. It was a two-way zest to take us to the delight of teaching, and yes, learning.

(It has been almost 10years ago when I had students in a classroom setting.)

Amazing how these kids grasp all the learnings they could, from classroom setting to the outside. They were also zealously showing their gymnastics skills, and openly talk about their interests, and their dreams.

The eldest was able to recap the first night by uttering “It’s our first meeting but we have talked and known from each other a lot!”

Keenly observing their mom, I realized that it takes an unconditional love and dedication to devote her full time raising properly these kids in a foreign land, leading the household and prioritizing the growth and development of her kids to the maximum potential. She became a mother at an early age of 17 years old, and is unbelievably tough to maintain and sustain a well-natured home.

As graceful as I would like to be part of the nurturing, I am challenged to bring out the best I could give to shape these young minds formatively.

God has been so good to me. He answered right away to my whines and called me. Who am I to refuse or delay? Blessings shared, are blessings multiplied. I may not have my own kids yet (or might not ever have), but these will be my new babies to treat as my own, desiring wholeheartedly to impart all the best I could.


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