On The Fuss

Tate Treks @ Jebel Jais (The Tallest Mountain of UAE)


It was by far my toughest.
Gazing around, looking up at the mountain heights, I was intimidated by the massive and puzzling rock formation all towards the lofty peak, which seemed to pierce the sky.

“But being here is a blessing; I must go on.”

Within minutes of walking and bending up through the desert rocks, it has become a disjunct reality of each footstep on the far from the bottom. Trusting my own instincts on which rock looks to be stable or loose; climbing in the equilibrium of restlessness and exhaustion; transcending at my own pace, all immediately gone into physical and mental recollection.

Tired, nerve-shaken and sausage fingers & puffy hands stricken by the small scattered desert trees, I looked down feeling that inconceivable sense of closeness to heaven and remoteness from chaos.

The payoff of solitary pain, though difficult to quantify with pleasure, is much greater than I expected – sweeter and lovelier. I have no regrets about having gone — it was the right thing to do leaving a golden glow on the mind.


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