On The Fuss · Travel Tales

Catching Up in Calgary

It is tough to find the chance and give time in the middle of busy lives, bordered by many miles and responsibilities. But more often, it only takes an occasion, or one person’s crazy plan, and it is always worth it.From a special 🍝 🍕dinner 🍰 🍾prepared to the second glass of 🍷 at Tudor Rose to another🥂at Pour, it’s a good feeling to be able to candidly talk, laugh, and generally share life with these genuine folks, catch up on what has been happening, reminisce the tales from a decade ago, talk about the future, and get some really helpful advice ~ on dating & yes, right then and there, acting as my pseudonym & replying to my chats 😂 

Pointing it out, one sign of a good friendship is regardless of the time spent apart, the ability to pick up where you left off is defining. #TheFriendsWeKeep #TateTravels 🇨🇦 #TravelTales #BirthdaysBeyondBorders #Evanston #Calgary


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