Brazil · Travel Tales

Vibrant Brazil

Granted with my requested two weeks vacation from work, I have found to set my feet for wandering in the most talked about host of the World Cup. Yes — Brazil!
Iguassu was indeed the highlight. With its breathtaking cascades of water, clearly, it is a wonder!
We took a helicopter ride for the aerial view of its semi-circular shape bordering Paraguay & Argentina. The country is also lucky to host hundreds of rare & endangered species of flora & fauna, in which I could have only encountered in Biology books back then. 🙂
Rio de Janeiro happened to be the way I expected, nice beaches with the Copacabana Beach adjacent on the side of Ipanema Beach, showcasing the strong but calm waves that I would want to learn surfing, and of course, beautiful people passing by.
There’s a dedicated cycling paths in the city of Rio. By these lanes and bike routes, residents and tourists can really enjoy the city, at the same time, enhance physical fitness. No wonder why Brazilians remain to be the most fit and beautiful people.
Sao Paulo looked like a lot of my country, the old Manila and Makati, I mean. It’s a very busy business district with street vendors and independent bands and solo singers performing live.

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