Georgia · Travel Tales

Gorgeous Georgia

I had to give myself a self-imposed break from work. Explored a bit, had the chance to experience the snow for the first time, met a few more people, had some gastronomic experience and visited Christian churches, so timely for Holy week. Almost everywhere in those countries are churches, and many people are actually coming in to pray/attend mass. It is indeed a hub for Christianity. Seemed like an actualization of what were taken up on World History class.
On the other side of the trip, you’ll meet beggars on the street sides and a few people can only speak English. But then again, Georgia is a very safe place to go to. You can freely walk around and people are friendly and accommodating even if they’ll just use gestures.

The trip to Georgia was totally a breather. It took me for a sweet surprise from my lackluster feel whimpering myself to reverie. As this was not I initially planned and having had so little time to make an itinerary, availing the local tour packages offered by the Envoy Hostel was the best option to bring me to far-flung areas & encounter Georgian hosts and experience the family kitchen – their extraordinary dishes & an opportunity to learn how to make khinkali. And for the longest time that I abstained myself from drinking alcohol, I was not able to resist their famous ChaCha, which, for me, tastes so much alike with vodka, but really smooth. I think I had a max of 5 full shots & would have been able to finish a pitcher if it weren’t on a lunchtime & day tour was over. Haha!

I have to note how much I like the mountainous scenery. At one side are the greeneries, and on the other side, are mountains covered with ice. Churches were ubiquitous (makes sense to have timed it on a Holy Week), allowing to see the difference of Catholics from Christian Orthodox. I found their churches very calm, solemn and serene, filled in with people actively and sincerely participating on the mass being held.I would also wake up early in the morning to wander the nearby streets, going further to more churches and would maximize the rest of the day after the tour experiencing a ride on their public train, cable car, people-watching, crossing the Peace Bridge, etc.
Georgians whom I’ve spoken to were apparently quite mummed on their notions with that Ukraine vs. Russia issue. However, as I quote from this post-grad who happened to be from Denmark, & was there for a Masters Thesis on politics, the nation feels a strong kinship with Ukrainians who has long had a rocky relationship with Moscow. Outcome of the conflict could define Georgia‘s sovereignty whether Russia succeeds in imposing its exclusive sphere of influence. 🙂





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