On Finding My Bliss

Learning to live a quiet life, minding my own business, working with my own hands and surrounding myself with limited but kindred spirits are my greatest rewards to have derived.

Believe me when I say I am well aware of my blessings, and how favored I am in my life, my work, and so on..But I still wrestle — as probably many of us do — marveling whether I am engaged in the best possible uses of my short time here on earth. Not everyone is drawn into a higher calling; some of just muddle through, trying to follow our bliss and sometimes losing sight of it around a corner just up ahead, but I guess it’s probably that urge to thrive and grow that really matters.

Now I share my personal, humbling experience, rare for most of us (and hard to recognize at first), and I hope that somehow, I’m bequeathing a positive effect on the lives of those around me and send the bright influence and inspiration to those I left. I may not be getting anything fancy or expensive for my family and friends, but hopefully, I can find something more meaningful and valuable to give them.